Support simplified anywhere

Pecon provides cost effective and innovative software development solutions to companies in different industries. It enables them to move away from traditional, technically-focused IT management to innovative, business-focused IT management that maps the technological infrastructure to business needs. The various proven solutions of Pecon offer much more than just the ability to react and manage the technical demands of the enterprise. They position organization to drive greater business value by delivering faster, more comprehensive and consistent services.

The technical specialists and software specialists who understand the business and the process, and cater to software development and implementation needs of clients. They work very closely with the client to effectively develop a workable IT strategy, and further offer tested skills and expertise to choose and deploy the most optimum and recent technology, to run their business solution effectively. Designing, developing and delivering comprehensive solutions based on robust IT architectures happens to be their forte.

Setting the pace of the industry as a key innovator software solutions, Pecon has managed to develop a flexible, milestone-based approach to help organizations understand, meet, and even anticipate the specific needs of every business-all while making the most of current technology investments.

Our prestigious clients include:

  • Coal India Limited
  • South Eastern Coal fields Limited
  • The Eastern Railway Employees' Co-operative Bank Limited
  • Howrah District Central Co-operative Bank Limited
  • Coal Mines Provident Fund
  • Usha Multipurpose Co-operative Society Limited