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Backup and Disaster Recovery Management Services

Disaster always seems to strike when we are least prepared, be it due to a crashed hard disk or any natural calamities. An organization needs to have a continuity plan in place that works, allowing access to all business critical data and application; no matter how worst you are hit.

From desktops/servers to datacenter sites; data backup, failover redundancy, disaster recovery sites are the norms. Today's business operations demands high availability of systems and continuous access to mission critical information. Organizations are challenged to protect against disruptions in service and loss of data include widespread power losses, natural disasters, malicious activity and terrorism.

Organizations must deploy an infrastructure to secure both critical and general day-to-day data. Often these include interconnection of data centers across regions, separated by tens, hundreds or even thousands of miles. A sound disaster recovery business continuity plan is essential to protect the well being of an organization.Our consulting experts can help you draw a disaster recovery and management plan and execute the same.